7 Easily forgotten travel bag essentials

5th November 2018 0 By craigmclean1981
7 Easily forgotten travel bag essentials

In the excitement and haste to pack for your whirlwind getaway it’s easy for a few travel bag essentials to wind up left behind. However, by following this simple checklist and using the Holitries toiletries delivery service you can be sure that you’ll never leave your necessary personals in a Home Alone situation again.

1. Sunglasses
Sunglasses are one of those items that you’re so confident you’ll not forget to pack that you never actually get around to doing it. This can often mean an unnecessary airport or holiday expenditure. Not only are sunglasses undeniably cool, they’re also required for protection purposes. By shielding your eyes from excessive harmful UV rays, sunglasses are more important than you might realise. Don’t forget, even if you’re not going somewhere particularly hot, sunglasses are still one of your travel bag essentials. Even for a skiing trip, sunglasses protect you from being burned and dazzled by the sun reflecting off the snow.

2. Sunscreen
Like sunglasses, sunscreen is vital for protecting your skin from that terrifying ball of fire in the sky – Ok, so it’s not terrifying. We all can and should enjoy the sun, but also be aware of the harm that unprotected exposure can cause. Sunscreen helps defend your skin from sunburn, which can not only spoil your holiday but also have more severe consequences. The great thing about sunscreen is that there’s so much variety you can always find one that suits you. For more details on the definitions of factors, UVA and SPA, check out this handy guide.

3. Power outlet adapter
As a species we’ve broadly agreed that climate change is an issue, have conquered space travel, and have cultivated a magnificent store of artistic and literary masterpieces. Think we can all decide what a plug socket should look like, then? Not a chance. Wherever you’re setting off to on your travels, if you want to be able plug in any of your electronic devices at all you’re likely to require a power outlet adapter. This is one of the travel bag essentials that it’s most infuriating to forget – so, just really try not to.

4. Chargers
Power outlet adapters are all well and good, until you realise you’ve no plugs with you that need adapting. You know, because you’ve left your chargers back at home. The nature of modern travel is largely reliant on technology, especially for the purposes of navigation, communication and financial transactions. Therefore, being unable to charge your devices can leave you in real trouble. Especially if replacement chargers aren’t available for purchase where you are. So, make sure you get around to ticking ‘pack chargers’ off of your pre-travel checklist.

5. Raincoat/umbrella
Even in the sunniest of climes, a downpour may still strike. A functional raincoat is a great thing to have out and about with you, just in case. Hopefully, you won’t need it, but if you do then it’s there and it’s hardly heavy or cumbersome to carry around in your bag. If not a raincoat, then make sure that an umbrella features on your list of travel bag essentials. The beauty of a brolly is that it’s not only useful for fending off rain, but also for fashioning a spot of makeshift shade should you have travelled somewhere too hot.

6. Comfy shoes
Beautiful, glitzy, gorgeous shoes are obviously a holiday must. However, you may just rue those heels as you’re trying to appreciate a museum or wander through the town. Always be sure to pack a pair of comfortable shoes that you’d be happy to spend a day on your feet in before setting off on your travels. Save the stunners for evening meals, nights out and the like. Your travels should be a holiday for your feet too.

7. Passport and travel documents
Just because your passport and relevant travel documents (i.e. tickets, boarding passes, insurance, etc.) are obvious travel bag essentials, doesn’t mean they aren’t often forgotten. Everyday, in airports around the world, people slap their hands to their heads in dismay as they realise that their passport is back at home. Don’t let this be you. If it ever has been you before then you’ll know just how awful a feeling that that moment is.
Be sure to thoroughly check and re-check that you’ve packed all of the travel bag essentials on this list before heading out your door. If you’ve done that then you can let your holiday excitement rise. Your head can already be on the beach, safe in the knowledge that once your body is, you’ll actually have your swimwear, sunscreen and a towel with you.