How travel with just hand luggage and still look great

15th January 2019 0 By craigmclean1981
How travel with just hand luggage and still look great

We all know the score when we’re on the hunt for a new holiday destination. These days, your flight only comes with your seat, and the petrol to get you there. If you want a meal, extra. If you want hold luggage, extra. Whilst this has the incredible, penny-pinch-benefit of the drive down of price; which means you can jet off to wherever at a moment’s notice – it also means that so many of us have to deal with travel on a smaller scale! And it leaves us wondering, is it possible to travel with just hand luggage and still look great?
At Holitries we’re devoted to help solve your packing predicaments. So, we thought we’d bring you our handy guide on how to travel with just hand luggage and still look great.

Know your restrictions
We’re all familiar with the restrictions on items such as liquids, lighters and sharp edges – but you’ll sleep way easier if you look up exactly what you can and can’t take in your hand luggage. Thankfully, we live in the age of Google, so this can be done from the comfort of your own home. Remember, forewarned is forearmed; and if you check this before you arrive at the airport, then you won’t have to bin any precious badges or lighters with emotional connections.

That’s heavy… man…
In terms of travel with just hand luggage, weight matters. Research your weight limit and choose a bag that fits inside the weight and height dimensions. Many companies now manufacture bags that will sit comfortably inside weight limits, with lightweight frames that make the most of your small allowance. Stuck with what to look for? We recommend I.T. luggage, trail blazers in cheap and light luggage. They’re also pretty fancy in design!

True colours, you still look great!
The fashionistas amongst you don’t need to be told the sheer power of a signature colour. When you’ve made a promise to pack light, and still look great – you better get your trademark look down. Use whites, creams and neutrals to match with little effort, or pick a shade evocative of foreign climes and pack only this. If everything coordinates, it’ll be easier to look great, with minimal effort.

Pack it in
Now that you’re aware of what you can’t take, you’ve decided on a colour that’ll help you still look great, now comes the time to place your items inside your bag. It might come to you as a shock that there’s a sacred art to doing this, one that’s been championed by many an air-steward over the years. Don’t fear, we’re here with the answer – the roll.
Roll your clothes up tight for maximum storage space inside your bag. The tighter you roll your items, the more space you’ll have free. Stack your rolls side by side in your case, and you’ll find you’re shocked at just how much space you can save! Another top flight-attendant tip is to pack heavier items such as shoes and belts towards the bottom of your case. This will help you maneuver your case through the airport with speed, as gravity will be on your side!
One thing that ranked as a firm favourite in a recent survey of flight-attendants was a pashmina or a large scarf. This is because they’re the top in terms of marvellous multi-tasking. Cold? Wrap up warm with your oversized friend. Sleepy? Snuggle underneath and use it as a blanket. No pillow? Roll it up and use it as a comfortable way to enter dreamland. It’s perfect for all occasions!

To pack, or not to pack
Last but not least, the dreaded question of toiletries. If you’re a wanderlust wanderer, you’ll know that liquid restrictions between countries are very real, very harsh, and very expensive. You could buy them after check-in, struggle with them on the plane, and leave them half-finished in your hotel rooms to meet a landfill related doom. But, this is wasteful, and costly! Wouldn’t it be great if you could just order them to arrive in your hotel room when you did?
Well, here at Holitries we have the answer to your prayers. Click on to our homepage, build your checklist, and choose from our wide range of options – all of which will be delivered to your designated hotel a couple of days before you are; so, you’ve got more space for the things that count.
Where are you off to? Why not let us know? If you’re looking to save space, then try Holitries for your trip. Pick from our wide selection of travel cosmetics, pay, and relax. Your choices will be at the hotel, ready for you when you arrive. With Holitries you save packing space and gain peace-of-mind.