How to travel with an infant: The ultimate guide

5th November 2018 0 By craigmclean1981
How to travel with an infant: The ultimate guide

Many folks around will tell you that travel with an infant presents the ultimate challenge. They’ll stress that it’s near impossible to achieve that perfect get-away with a baby and urge you to stick to shorter trips or car journeys to ease the pain of younger-years travel.
Well, we at Holitries are here to tell you – that’s simply not the case.

Travel with an infant is possible, and, when done correctly – can instill an early sense of wanderlust before your child can even speak. And, what’s cooler than that? When you expose your baby to a myriad of cultures, they’ll form an identity that’s as unique as their own little spirits. So here at Holitries, we’re brought you the ultimate guide to travel with an infant; so, you can focus your energy on where you want to go – rather than how to get there.
First, check the restrictions on the lower end of travel
Each airline is different. Some will take you right out of the delivery room, and only require your baby be 48 hours old. Others are a little more restrictive and will ask for two weeks of baby-life before you take to the air. Others still, will need three months of your miracle before a flight. Although it’s generally best to wait for your baby’s immune system to develop a little – all airlines are different.
Give them a call before you book a flight to find out the restrictions on yours and avoid the catastrophe of denial. It’s also a good idea to call ahead and check if there are any fees for infants. Some airlines charge, even if your baby is in your lap. So, be prepared!
Think about your accommodation
Each type has its ups and downs, and each depends on your baby’s unique personality. If you find your baby needs the stability of their own room, and many changes a day, it might benefit you to rent a whole apartment. If, however, baby is soothed through change by the sight of its parents; then a hotel room with a crib might suffice. Apartments can help keep to your child’s sense of routine, whilst hotel rooms allow close access to restaurants and activities; for children who are likely to crash out at the end of a long day. You know your baby’s personality, so match it to where you stay – not the other way around.

Pack light
Don’t panic about taking enough nappies to cover the whole trip. If there’s a universal truth around the world, it’s that babies poop. Bring some to cover travel, and a day or so to acclimatise. You’ll already have to carry your miracle with you, so don’t make it hard on yourself! It’s also a good idea to pack a small amount of baby essentials in your carry-on bag. Luggage, unfortunately, can be lost – and a baby who continues to cry whilst you navigate the enquiries desk does not help your sanity. Avoid it.
You can also apply this attitude to your own packed suitcase. Pre-baby suitcases can account for three pairs of shoes, a party dress, and your best swimwear. Post-baby, it’s best just to take one pair of shoes, and comfy (but stylish) clothes. That way, you’ve got more room for baby things! By the time your loved-one is two; you’ll have mastered the art of the lightly packed life. If a decluttered life is good enough for Buddhist monks, it’s good enough for you. Pack light, and your baby might even meet a few of those monks along the way!
Apps & distractions
When you travel with an infant, at some point, your child will get upset. No-one likes being stuck in one place for a long time, and the tears will fall. Here is where you employ distractions. Use the technology you’re already in possession of. Phones have Apps that make ambient sounds, sundries such as plastic bottles or crisp packet wrappers can distract and delight and re-route the waterworks.
If you’re somewhere where you have an internet connection, the “Baby Songs from Dave and Ava” YouTube channel broadcasts nursery rhymes 24/7. Whilst you might not want your baby to live their life in front of a screen, a few songs to keep them quiet on a flight can be a lifesaver.
Respect time and turn up early to receive special child dispensation such as on flight bassinets and priority boarding; as these are often handed out on a first come first serve basis. Give yourself more time than you need, then you can deal with any unforeseen circumstances such as blowouts, or puke.
Last but not least, don’t panic! It is possible to travel with an infant. In fact, you can reap more reward from it than when you travel solo. Just breathe, follow our advice, and remember to have fun! You are on holiday after all.
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