4 Traditional Spanish dishes you must try when in Spain

5th November 2018 0 By craigmclean1981
4 Traditional Spanish dishes you must try when in Spain

If you’ve stumbled upon this blog, we’re going to assume that Spanish sun is very much on your horizon, and no doubt very soon. Are you excited? And, more importantly, ready? If you’ve ordered your toiletries to your destination, figured out your holiday wardrobe and memorised the lyrics to Despacito (you’ll need them); it might mean it’s time to while away the in-between hours in daydreams of traditional Spanish dishes you must try. As they say, when in Rome – well Spain, but you get the idea!
Well, you’re in luck: Spain is a vibrant culture, and it has the food to match! Here at Holitries we’ve brought you some of our favourites that’ll have you screaming “Ñam, quiero más comida!” in no time.

1. Churros Con Chocolate
We’re starting this one sweet; because if you’re the same as we are, then when you arrive at your destination you’ll head straight for the churros. Churros are essentially Spanish donuts; in the sense that they use the same dough and are cooked the same way. There, however, is where the similarity ends. In Spain, they’re considered a delicacy, where the fried dough is piped into a straight star shape then rolled in cinnamon and paired with a thick chocolate drink to dunk the finished product into.
The best place to grab these sugary sweet slices of heaven is Incio cafe in Madrid. Their deserts are legendary, which often means they’ll have queues around the block in the evening. They even keep track of how many churros they’ve sold to date on their website! Cute, right? We think so.

2. Patatas Bravas
As anyone who’s been to even the most English of Tapas bars knows, Patas Bravas is the troubadour of the tapas world. What’s more satisfying than cubes of comforting potato drenched in a thick, spicy tomato sauce. Remember it’s tapas, so, the dish will be smaller – we’re going to let you in on a secret here and reveal that at Holitries, we always order two portions!
If you’re on the hunt for Patatas Bravas in Barcelona, then you’re in luck. Bar Tomás are infamous across the nation as the absolute daddy of Patatas Bravas (or, at least their alternative name – Papas Bravas). They even have a section of their website dedicated to their infamous eats, which offers a number of variations such as aioli sauce, garlic, chilli or hot sauce. Don’t go around there on the hunt for their recipe though, just how they get them so good is a closely guarded family secret.

3. Tortilla de Patatas
Of course, a love of carbs is continental! So Patatas Bravas isn’t the only way to consume our beloved potato. Spaniards take a tasty twist on the ol’ faithful omelette and chips in Tortilla de Patatas; or Spanish Omelette – as we know it. Slice your potato with some onion, add eggs to it, and sit and simmer till your Tortilla de Patatas is fully cooked. Gorgeous food you must try! Unlike your classic greasy spoon, Spanish Omelettes can reach incredible thicknesses; and are eaten as a snack, or to fill a sandwich; for a tasty lunch pre-siesta.
Of course, something as infamous as Tortilla de Patatas is widespread, both in places claiming to be the best and variety. But, if you’re on the hunt for a truly Catalan experience, then why not try El Xampanyet in Barcelona. It’s a traditional Catalan champagne bar, where you can order tapas with your one Euro glass of champagne. There’s no way to book, which ensures you get a nice mix of tourists and old Spanish residents for that authentic Catalan feel. A great spot if you harbouring a hankering for traditional Spanish dishes.

4. Gazpacho
Last but not least on this list of traditional Spanish dishes is the beloved Gazpacho. What’s better in the dead of winter than a nice warm soup, like a hug in a mug? Well, take that concept and spin it on its head. Hot climates then, of course, need their soup to fan them gently with a cool breeze. It’s the perfect way to regulate your body temperature whilst you enjoy the delights of this final food you must try. Tomato soup with onion and spices, traditionally this soup should be as cold as possible when it’s served.
As with Tortilla de Patatas, you’ll find Gazpacho in everywhere from high-end restaurants to the kitchens of the local people. It’s hard to say exactly where the best Gazpacho in the country is, even TripAdvisor have a vibrant debate on the subject.
Got a great selection of traditional Spanish dishes you want to try? Why not let us know where you’re off to? If you’re looking to save space, then try Holitries for your trip. Pick from our wide selection of travel cosmetics, pay, and relax. Your choices will be at the hotel, ready for you when you arrive. With Holitries you save packing space; and gain peace-of-mind.